Intuitive Voice Activation

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“In Sanskrit breath is called prana, the very life. And what is voice? Voice is breath. If there is anything in life, in the human constitution, that may be called life, it is the breath. And the sound of the voice is breath manifested outwardly.”

-Hazarat Inayat Kahn

 The voice is the soul’s expression, the original instrument each of us was born with. When we nurture the connection to our voice with regular practice – through exploration of tone, sacred sound and melody – we deepen our relationship to ourselves and forge new pathways to the heart. We feel more at ease in our breath and our communication. Spirit sings through us, and we experience the connection to that which animates life.

We are, by nature, meant to connect with our voices this way. We were all once babies fascinated with every color and texture of sound we could make. We shrieked, gurgled, growled, grunted. We were endlessly curious. As we grew older, many of us were told to ‘be quiet’, or not to sing so loudly, or that way, or at all. In one way or another, we were told that our soul’s expression wasn’t totally welcome. And so we inhabited the conditioned voice – a version of ourselves less playful, less risky, and seemingly more palatable to the outside world. Even those of us, like me, who identified as singers from a young age, perceived only certain ways of singing as the ‘right way,’ the way that would earn us acceptance and applause.

I believe that that everyone can – and should – sing. It is our birthright. We are sound beings, literally made of vibrating cells. When we invite authentic sound to move through us freely, our bodies sing and our spirit flies. My approach to the voice weaves together a lifetime of singing and performing, with over a decade of yoga teaching, studies in sound healing, and more recent explorations of North Indian classical vocal practices. I bring compassion, humor, playfulness, and above all, love, to guiding students toward their intuitive voice, and connecting with the soul’s expression through sound.

Through Intuitive Voice Activation sessions with me, you will: 

  •  Deepen the connection with and trust in your voice as an extension of who you are in your truest essence

  • Explore and expand the range, textures and strength of your singing and sounding voice through breath, movement, deep listening and vocal exercises

  • Acquire tools to work with your voice as a healing modality for achieving optimal states of wellbeing

  • Learn to use sounds to open and clear energetic centers (the chakras)

  • Develop your own personal sound and voice practice, tailored to your unique intentions and desires

  • Discover your own song - the melody that lives inside you at every moment

  • Expand your repertoire of mantras, chants and/or songs to fuel your creativity and imagination