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Healing Sound Bath with Jessica Caplan and Pepper Monroe

  • Maha Rose North 130 Morgan Hill Rd Hurley, NY 12443 (map)

Pepper and I head upstate to the sparkling new Maha Rose North, which was recently covered in this Vogue article, for a night of sound and deep comfort, surrounded by forest and fresh air -- the perfect antidote to the frenzy of Spring in the city.

In this two-hour event, you’ll settle into a restful state of integration and restoration, as Pepper guides you through a sequence of gentle, Restorative yoga poses. Using support like blankets and bolsters, this style of yoga allows body and mind to release tension, reset and heal. Sound, a powerful tool for reaching meditative states, facilitates this deep unwinding, creating an inward journey guided by therapeutic sound, music and the imagination. Jessica’s soothing soundscape, created spontaneously with resonant instruments – singing bowls, tuning forks, shrutti box, vocals and Shamanic instruments – will melt you into stillness and into the waves of sound vibration.

We’ll wake up our senses at the end of the event with a tasty treat.

More details and registration at Maha Rose North